Stump Grinding Duluth MN

Stump Grinding Duluth MN

Stump grinding can be a great solution if you would like to avoid the removal of a stump’s entire underground root system. If so, this is a good alternative, as stump grinding is a less intense process than complete removal, and will likely be done much more quickly and for a smaller price. In addition, there will be less need for redoing the landscaping of the area after the procedure, as stump grinding leaves the underground portion of the stump intact, and therefore does not leave empty space in the ground that needs to be filled in and reshaped. The downside of stump grinding as opposed to stump removal is that stump grinding will leave a trace of the stump visible on the ground, at least for a few years. Because the tree still exists in the ground, there will be a visible scar where the stump used to be, which may not be desirable if your stump is in a noticeable location on your property. If you think you would like a stump grinding done on your property, you’ve come to the right place! We use state of the art equipment and are the best choice for stump grinding Duluth MN. Please reach out via the phone number below or through the contact form on our homepage and we will be happy to assist you. 

The stump grinder machine itself is around the size of a lawn mower, and uses high powered spinning toothed blades to transform a stump into wood chips. As an added benefit of stump grinding, these wood chips can be left with the customer if they wish, and can make for great landscaping material elsewhere on your property. To get more specific, the machine uses hydraulic cylinders to push a cutter wheel, or a large spinning blade with fixed teeth, to cut laterally through the stump, lowering it to a certain level and chipping all material above that level. In order to be effective against a very solid stump, this machine must be very powerful, and therefore it can be extremely dangerous and require proper experience and training to operate safely. This is why we recommend that you do not attempt to perform stump grinding on your own, but rather reach out to our company of trained experts who would be happy to assist you. We already own all the necessary equipment, so you won’t  need to buy or rent an expensive stump grinder, and then learn everything you need to know to operate it properly, for a procedure you likely won’t need to do very often. If for whatever reason you do decide to try stump grinding yourself, it is essential that you follow the necessary safety guidelines, including following all instructions for using the stump grinder very carefully, wearing protective safety equipment (goggles, hardhat, earplugs, gloves, boots), removing any potential projectiles from the area, creating a safe work environment around the stump where nobody will be able to get in the way, and checking beforehand that there are no underground pipes or lines in the area.

We are a team of experienced stump grinders, and we can confidently recommend our service to anybody who is looking for stump grinding Duluth MN. For us, stump grinding is a routine and quick process, so you won’t have to stress out about your job one bit. You can just relax and be assured that our professional team will grind your stump quickly and without hassle. If you are looking for stump grinding, or would just like to talk with someone about your options, you can call us using the button below or our contact form. We would be happy to discuss with you your tree service needs!

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