Tree Removal Duluth MN

Tree Removal Duluth MN

There are many reasons that tree removal may be necessary for you on your property. First of all, unsafe trees can pose a danger to you and your property. A tree that is past its SULE, or Safe Useful Life Expectancy, may no longer be safe to stand near houses., people, or roads. Older trees that are near death or are beginning to rot may be structurally insatiable, increasing the risk that they could fall and inflict damage on your property. Additionally, trees that have succumbed to disease or infection could also be at risk, and may need to be removed. The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive beetle that has been infecting and killing a staggering amount of ash trees in our area and across the continent. This invasion of ash borers has gotten so bad that some experts predict ash trees will become extinct in the near future. 

A third way that trees could become unstable and need to be removed is through lightning damage. If you believe that any of your trees are structurally unstable, due to death, rotting, infection, disease, or weather damage, we recommend that you reach out to us for a professional consultation to determine whether these trees need to be removed from your property. In the long run, this is the simplest solution, and you can be assured that our trustworthy team will guide you in the best way for your specific situation. 

There are many other non-safety related reasons that you may want to remove a tree from your property. Sometimes a tree may get in the way of a new construction project or landscaping renovation. Many people like to weed away some trees on their property to allow for other trees to grow bigger, or simply to increase the size of their lawns or make more space on their property. Another great reason for tree removal is to maximize light exposure to a house, or to create a view. In certain situations, removing a couple trees outside your windows can dramatically brighten up your living space, or in some cases even make for a new spectacular view. If you think that you would like to remove a tree from your property for any of these reasons, you’ve come to the right place! We will gladly remove the exact trees you want in a safe and efficient manner, allowing you to shape your property to your specific vision! 

Stump removal is another very popular service we offer. Stumps leftover from fallen or cut trees can be a major annoyance to your property, especially if they are in the middle of your lawn or are visible from the road or your house. A single stump can disrupt a continuous lawn and therefore hinder its uses, and a stump can also be ugly to look at if it is in a central place on your property. Luckily our company has years of experience in this area, and we will gladly come to fix all your stump problems! Our state of the art equipment can easily uproot a stump, and when we leave your house you won’t be able to tell a stump was ever there!

If you think that any of these situations applies to you and your property, call us today for a free quote using the button below and we will be happy to help you with your tree removal Duluth MN needs! Our professional team of tree experts will ensure that the job is done exactly how you wanted, quickly, and with a smile. 

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