Tree Trimming Duluth MN

Tree Trimming Duluth MN

Tree pruning and trimming are often necessary for homeowners, as there are several reasons that trees on your property may need to be trimmed or pruned. Tree trimming is when live tree material is cut back, whereas tree pruning is the removal of dead or dying material from trees. 

Tree trimming may be necessary if a tree is growing in a way that is not safe to the tree or the infrastructure around it, or if it begins to pose a risk to you or your home. Sometimes trees grow close to or around infrastructure such as telephone poles, telephone wires, streetlights, or buildings. To ensure that this does not lead to the tree damaging these things in the event of a storm, the city of Duluth has tree codes that all trees have to abide by. These include guidelines for how much clearance a tree should have from other buildings and telephone wires. Sometimes a procedure known as canopy thinning may be necessary. This is when select branches are removed from the canopy of the tree to decrease wind resistance, lowering the risk of the tree falling. If you think your trees may be in violation of city codes, you think they may be in the future, or you are simply worried about the proximity of your trees to your house or any other piece of infrastructure, give us a call today for a quick and easy professional consultation!

Another reason people may wish to have tree trimming done is if they would like to alter the shape of a tree for aesthetic or functional reasons. Tree trimming can improve views from windows, increase natural light in a home, allow for more lawn space, or even make a tree look nicer in your yard. Another type of tree trimming is canopy lifting, in which the lowest branches of a tree are removed to raise the canopy of the tree to a certain height. This is done to improve access under the tree, as after the procedure there will be access for people to walk or do anything else under the tree canopy. We are experts in tree trimming, so if you would like tree trimming done for aesthetic or functional reasons, reach out to our team through phone or our contact form and we will be happy to help you!

Tree pruning is also often necessary to keep our trees safe and healthy. Just as with tree trimming, tree pruning may be necessary if newly dead or dying tree material poses a risk to the people and infrastructure around a tree. Tree limbs often die due to disease, old age, or other natural processes. However, this dead material is often structurally unstable, meaning it could fall off in a wind event and inflict damage on its surroundings. Therefore, it is generally a good idea to hire a tree pruning service to come and remove the dead material from your trees, especially if these trees are located in close proximity to your house, the road, or other sensitive construction. Additionally, dead tree material is often ugly and unpleasant to look at, so removing it could improve the aesthetic of your yard or property. 

If you think that you need tree trimming Duluth MN, it is always a good idea to at least inquire with a tree service provider who will have the best information. Luckily, we are tree trimming and pruning specialists who are committed to our customers, and would be more than happy to help you out with all of your tree care needs. You can call us using the number below. We look forward to talking with you!

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